Dazzlite is a vibrantly coloured, crystalline mineral substance. A subject of continued scientific conjecture, the very nature of Dazzlite makes it's examination difficult, as it subscribes to a very different set of physical laws than the rest of the universe. Dazzlite is composed of a stable form of Anti-Matter, meaning that it's interactions with the Matter of our universe are confounding at the best of times; the fact that it does not simply explode in a great orb of annihalation simply by existing is still unexplained. The primary mystery of Dazzlite, however, is how it achieves its' most infamous effect: the negation of super-powers.

Origins & Discovery

Dazzlite was first discovered in 1962 by Lionel Luxor, a Russian Arcanogeologist, who was at the time working in partnership with the KGB. Luxor was at the time leading an exploratory expedition deep into Siberia, in search of "The Equaliser of Men", which his divinations had told him would "fall from the sky in a blaze of light". His search led to a sizable crater, at the center of which lay a meteorite of a bizarre graphite composition. Although it was unusual in of itself, the graphite shell hid an even stranger secret: a sizable core of a rainbow-hued crystal.

Luxor organised the transportation of the substance to a KGB research facility, where its' properties were examined under the operational title "Project X".

The first experiments conducted were known as -------REDACTED------- and lead to the formation of --------REDACTED--------

Notably Dazzlite was used in the murder of Captain Shining Star in 1992 and then discovered by the western world that the substance severly inhibeted powers with a source from mutation or a genetic basis. Following the death of Captain Shining Star, Dazzlite was given a class 1 terrorism rating and has since been banned by the Sevara Convention of 1995.

Name dazzlite was popularised in 1971, unknown origins.