Iron sight is a hero in the city of Motoropolis. Originally an army sniper by the name of David Ferris, iron sight was chosen with five other members of his squad to undergo military testing of a new combat drug. David was the only Survivor. With his aggression, senses, and reflexes highlighted he attempts to make the streets of Motoropolis safe for civilians.

Early Life Edit

Born in 1985 David Ferris the son of Mrs Joanna Ferris and Mr Maximilian Ferris. David grew up with posters and action figures of Captain Shining Star and the spirit to help others. This all changed when at the age of 7 David saw live on TV his hero being shot to death by 4 bank robbers. David realized in that moment that those with the power to help the world must do so, and protect it against the forces of evil. So in 2003 at the age of 18 David enlisted into the US army to help fight in the gulf war. David quickly made it to the rank of army sniper, and was conscripted into military testing.

The Experiment Edit

A new combat drug had been developed by the Slate Corporation, which was supposed to awaken the senses, and allow for better combat skill in the field. The drug however known as Novabite had unexpected side effects, causing extreme pain, and death in 99.999% of all people. David however survived, in the time after the pain, his memories confused and his vision sharpened and his aggression raised beyond that of a normal human, he slaughtered his way through the military base somehow being able to teleport around.

Aftermath Edit

Iron Sight was born from this incident, forever in part blaming himself for the slaughter and in part blaming the military for what they did to him. He uses his powers for what he considers the benifit of mankind.

Known Powers Edit

  • Teleportation
  • Enhanced senses
  • Enhanced accuracy