Patricia "Patch" Adamson
Vital statistics
Occupation Full time Superhero
Age 16 (Presumed)
Status Active
Relationship Status Single
Date of Birth November 5th, 1997 (Presumed)
Place of Birth Unknown, presumed Motoropolis
Physical attributes
Height 5'4"-5'11" (Variable)
Weight 90-110 pounds (Variable)
Hair Strawberry Blonde (Original; varies)
Eyes Green (Original; varies)
Heroic attributes
Alter Ego Mockingbird
Identity Semi-Public
Affiliation Shining Stars, US Government
Power Shape Shifting (Varies)
Meta Knowledge
Played by


To be Published

Previous HistoryEdit

To be Published

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


To be Published


To be Published

Vital StatisticsEdit

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