A member of the Motoropolis Police Department. Oscar is apathetic to almost everything other than the numbers that hit the headlines. Balding and round with a big mustash, Sergeant Oboe waddles from crime to crime, hoping that superheros have already completed his work for him.

Notable Appearances Edit

On the 23rd of September 2014 Sergeant Oscar Oboe responded from an emergency call from what appeared to be a robber turning himself in and wrapping him and his friends up in rope. Upon turning up to the scene, it had turned out that superheros (The now Shining Stars) had stopped the robbery. Oboe proceeded to arrest Julio Esteves and the rest of his gang. Oscar presented the children present with kids junior detective badges.

At a later date, the Little family called 911 reporting that their daughter had never come home from school, after sending patrol cars out searching, the fairy queen Regalia quietly entered the home of the Little family having explained that Melisa had been kidnapped by dark magic. Oscar Oboe presented Melisa a kids junior detective badge for bravery.